Do Colors Have Meanings?

A big thanks goes to [names of kids] in Mr.Fourmans's class at Pinney Elementary for today’s Wonder!

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Do Colors Have Meanings?
By: Lucas A. Letizia & Tyler M. Kern
Did you know that different colors had so many different meanings?
Green: Green is well know as a relaxing color. That’s why green rooms back stage are green. Green is a associated with nature. Since the beginning of time green signified growth. There are more shades of green then any other color. Racers do not race green cars because they are bad luck.

Yellow: If there is a bad storm people will see yellow first. Yellow gets people’s attention first. In 1939 school buses were yellow. My partner and I surveyed some people about which color gets your attention first, blue or yellow. Yellow actually won. Yellow is the most irritating color. Yellow increases the heartbeat and enhances metabolism. Yellow means happiness and sunshine. In Russia an Insane Asylum is also know as the yellow house. Yellow signs mean caution in every country.

Red: Red reflects energy, power and strength. Red is a very eye catching color. Red can make your heart beat fast and same as your breathing rate. Red also stimulates the nervous system. Over using red can irritate you. Red is the international color for stop. 77% of the worlds flags have red in them.

Blue: Dark blue means: Trust, authority.
Bright blue means: Coolness, strength.
Sky blue means : Peace, infinity.
In Belgium, blue is the color for baby girls and pink is for baby boys. Blue jeans are worn everywhere in the world. Blue is the number 1 color in terms of popularity. 53% of the flags contain blue in the world.
Black: Black means authority. If you wear black it makes you look skinny. People will think a black box weighs more then a white box. In England crossing a black cat is good luck. Black is the most misunderstood color. A black tie is very formal and elegant. Native Americans thought black was good because it’s the color of soil.

Next time you see color you can think to yourself, “This color means so many things.”