What do Vice Principals do?

A big thanks goes to Alexa S.& Gavin H. in Mr.Lowe's and Mrs.Fourman's class at Pinney Elementary for today’s Wonder!

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Our Answer

What Do Vice Principals Do?

By:Alexa Swecker & Gavin Hodge

Have you ever wondered what vice principals do? They’re the key to a better-ran school, because they help the principal in so many different ways! They divide the work, and it makes it less stressful for the principal. It’s less stressful because they both wouldn’t have as much work.
The main job of a vice principal is to help the school. They help the students by teaching them one on one, and help them study. Sometimes vice principals deal with students that need discipline.For instance if a student is not doing what the teacher asks, or they are not behaving well a vice principal would step in, and deal with the problem.
Vice principals evaluate teachers, help with kids that aren’t at school catch up, and run recreational programs. They visit classrooms, and deal with more classroom situations, and education. Also, when the principal’s out, they can take over and be the principal for however long the principal’s out for. That role mainly helps when there is a meeting the principal would have to go to.
Gavin & Alexa interviewed Mrs.Barr, the Eli Pinney Elementary school vice principal. Here are some things we talked about:
We asked, “What are your main duties?”
She said, “My main studies are to make sure students are safe, to help with safety drills, fire drills, tornado drills, bullying, S.S.T (Student Success Team) meetings, she helps students who are having trouble with work.”
We then asked: “What do you wish you could do more?”
“I wish I could visit the classrooms more!” Mrs.Barr told Gavin & Alexa.
The third question was:
Do you think all schools need vice principals?
“Yes, because it helps Principals very much, and they are able to make the school a better place.”
Vice Principals are a key way to improve the school you are in. They can help students, and staff succeed to the next level.

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