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A big thanks goes to Jenny in Mrs.Fourman's class at Pinney Elementary for today’s Wonder!

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paper towels
hand dryers

You know that washing your hand is important, you do it every day, but when it comes to drying your soaking, wet hands, what do you prefer to use, the classical paper towel, or the new hand dryer?

Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter on how you dry your hands as long as you wash them properly. However, when you don’t wash properly, or just wash with water, bacteria may take over. Why? Because just like humans, bacteria needs water to survive, and wiping you hands or touching the bathroom door could make more bacteria on your hands. After all, bacteria can grow better on dirty, wet skin.

According to a study by a fey New York scientists, a survey showed that most New Yorkers prefer paper towels over hand dryers. Why? It all has to do with timing. It takes 45 seconds to achieve a goal of 97% dryness, while it takes only 10 seconds to achieve the same amount of dryness on a paper towel. Another study by different New York scientists showed that most people take only 22 seconds on a hand dryer, but only achieve 70% dryness, while only 5 seconds on a paper towel can achieve 85%.
What about the environment? It is definitely true that new hand dryers are environmentally friendly and have a low carbon emission. Paper towels, however, does a lot of forest removal, and 13 billion paper towels are disposed every year. What do kids prefer? Kids prefer hand dryers because children are more aware and cautious about the environment.

What do you prefer, the classical paper towel, or the new, fancy paper towel.