Why can't parents choose their child's teacher?

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Our Answer

Teachers and principles always choose you new teacher but do your parents get a say in it?
Most websites said they should not get to pick what teacher their child or children get because the school has better experience and the parents don't.
Schools .org saidOtis Kringle says “students shouldn’t get to choose teachers because they would all go to one teacher and would not pick the right teacher.” Otis Kringle also commented “Schools put them in the right class.” “The school mixes them into good groups of students too.” saidOtis Kringle is a professor in a high school in kentucky and is very well know there. The schools should pick the classes of the kids because the school knows more about the students learning abilities than the parents may, the parents may only know about their children’s learning abilities.
Some people say yes because they want their child’s teacher to be strict because they think that if the teacher is too nice then the kids will learn nothing. Most people think that their child's teacher will be strict so that’s why they want to choose. said Some parents think that their children or child will get a teacher who is to fun and they will not learn a lot and will fail in the year. Some parents think that the teachers and other people should choose because they do not have experience.
Some parents think that his or her child or children should get a sort of mean teacher cause mean teachers all know what is best and will make the children smarter.
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