Why do Elementary students have less choices at lunch?

A big thanks goes to Anthony Monte, Cole Welch, Michael Orben in Mrs. Fourman's class at Pinney Elementary for today’s Wonder!

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Our Answer

Why do Dublin City Elementary schools have less options for lunch then the Middle schools and High schools?

We have asked our principal, Mr. Ehrsam, some questions, he said it could be that middle and high schools have more people who buy lunches then elementary schools and because there are more people at middle and high schools. But we don’t know for sure because it could be based on money. There are 487 people at our school. If everyone ate lunch at our school, that would be a lot of lunches and money. It is also because they think that we wouldn’t make the healthy choice and would eat junk food every day. To compare the different type of foods an example of a choice from Grizzell is a Santa Fe turkey and cheddar wrap. An example from Eli Pinney is mac and cheese. This question is unanswered as of right now.