Why do some Dublin schools look the same?

A big thanks goes to Ethan and Jack in Mrs.Fourman's class for todays wonder.

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Our Answer

There are Six Dublin elementary Schools that look exactly alike, and there are a total of twelve elementary schools. The schools that look the same are Wright, Bailey, Eli Pinney, Scottish Corners, Wyandot and Thomas. The reason these elementary schools look the same are because it saves money. The reason that they save money is because if there is a leak in the roof at 3 schools they can order it in bulk it will cost less. another way it saves money is they don’t have to design new plans. Deer Run was the first Dublin elementary School built, so it does not have the same design. The schools that don’t look the same as Pinney are; Indian Run, Riverside, Olde Sawmill, Chapman and Glacier Ridge. The company that built Eli Pinney was Ruscilli. Eli Pinney was built on June 25, 2001. It was finished on August 26, 2002.
Ruscilli is a Columbus construction company that builds things all over Ohio which includes OSU Cunz Hall and Easton Gateway. For more information on other projects Ruscilli has worked visit their website at http://www.ruscilli.com

Thank you to Mr. Ersham for our facts.