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Why Don’t Boy’s And
Girls Typically PlayTogether?by: Ava DiMasi,Sydney Fezz, and Erin VanHuffel.
This is a very hard question to answer. When we looked it up this is what we found.

One reason may be that boys and girls have different interests. Another reason is maybe that girls like to talk, while boys may want to play a game, or vise-versa.
The boy or girl might startle or scare the opposing gender with what they say or do. So they try to avoid the other person so they don’t need to worry about what they are going to say. One last reason may be that girls seem to find best friends that they stay with all the time. Boys seem to find groups to hang out with and move to different groups occasionally.

We surveyed Mrs. Johnson’s 4th grade class and Mr.Lowe and Mrs. Fourman’s 5th grade classes. The questions we asked were:

  • Do you want to have a friend in the opposite gender?

  • Do you think girls and boys should be friends with the opposite gender?

  • Do you have a friend that is the opposite gender?

  • Do you think boys and girls should play together?

Almost all of the children that we asked were for the issue and thought, “I think that boys and girls should be able to play together without people teasing them.”

We also asked Anthony M. , and Cole W. what their personal thoughts were on the topic. Anthony said, “People will make fun of boys because they are the opposite gender and girls do stuff boys don’t necessarily like to do.” Cole Welch said, “I think that they will make fun of the person because they might think that it is unnatural or awkward because they have different interests.”

We think that boys and girls should play together.
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