Why don't elementary schools have school sports teams?

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Our Answer

Negative:Elementary schools don’t have school sports teams because parents are worried about cut offs and their kids being bullied because they’re not good at the sport. Also, what about the kindergartners, 1st graders and 2nd graders? What about school? Will they focus on school still and not just sports?!! What if parent’s kids are sad because they don’t get medals or trophies. Also, elementary schools don’t have school sport teams because everything costs money. P.T.O money and school money. It costs money to get coaches, equipment and uniforms. Also you need a big space to do sports and parents need more gas for driving their kids to all their sports events.

Positive:They’re enjoyable, they keep your kid/kids active, and sports help them learn teamwork and corporation better. Also sports keep your kids fit and active and also sports reduce 50%of fidgeting in class. They also wear you kids out so they’re not as hyper when they get home and team sports will never hurt but always help. When I did a survey on 5th graders they all wanted elementary schools to have school sports teams. What do you think?