Why don't Fifth graders have Lockers?

A big thanks goes to Camdyn Shea, Katie Dowling and Zara Johnson in Mrs. Fourman's and in Mr. Lowe's classes at Pinney Elementary for today’s Wonder!

Our Answer

The reason why 5th graders don't have lockers is because it takes up a lot of space in the school that we need. If their was a real emergency in the building we would need to get out with enough space. If we have lockers in are hallways we wouldn't have as much space to get out of the building fast.

Also, they would need to be treated specially so in case there would be a fire in the building they wouldn't catch on fire and spread the fire.

Another reason why a lot of schools don't have lockers is because of cost. Lockers are all different prices and some of the prices are very very high.

Also,the noise of slamming lockers are loud and annoying. For other classrooms in the school. Most of the students get distracted very easily, and with the noise it will be even harder for them too concentrate on school.

Another reason is that a student can slam the locker door on a other student. That would hurt a lot. We don't want anybody to get hurt right?

One of the other reasons are about if you forget your code. If you do forget it you get really stressed out, it takes time for a teacher to find it and tell it to you and you would be late to class. It would also make a lot of choas Students can hide anything in their locker that they are not suppose to have and that is not school appropriate.

The last reason why lockers are not in some schools is because the jealousy of younger kids in the school. Other students in the school that aren't 5th graders can get very jealous that they don't have lockers yet. Even though they will soon, they still get jealous.

There are different amounts of fifth graders every year so what if one year we didn't have enough lockers for everyone. Those are some are some of the reasons why fifth graders don't have lockers. If you liked ours you should go check out