Why is Sugar Unhealthy?

Made By: Samantha Diaz, Rita Lin, Paris Srivastava

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Why Is Sugar Unhealthy?
Have any of your parents said don’t eat to much sugar, it is bad for you. Then you would probably think, “How is sugar bad?” I’m not trying to be on your parents side but it is pretty bad, just take a look:
*Sugar is bad for your teeth.
Sugar causes tooth decay. Sugar makes plaque and plaque wears away at your enamel.
*Sugar causes Cancer.
Yes, the big C! Specific sugar molecules causes growth of cancer cells. If you eat a lot of sugar it causes your body to make a lot of insulin, insulin is a substance your body, insulin makes cells grow but if the person eats to much sugar, it makes too much insulin, which can also tell cancer cells to grow.
*Sugar can give you heart disease.
G6P builds up when people consume to much sugar and starch and that causes severe stress to the heart.
*Sugar feeds Candida.
Candida is a fungus that can live inside the body. Candida feeds on dead tissue and sugar inside the body.
Sugar can ruin your DNA structure (DNA is deoxyribonucleic). I’m not going to explain how because its really confusing.
*Sugar gives you diabetes.
Remember when I told you about insulin? Well, it takes part in this one too. Too much insulin gives you diabetes because eating too much sugar can raise your blood pressure which has a chance at giving you diabetes.
It is ok to have some sugar, in fact it is healthy to have some sugar in your body, but too much can lead to some pretty bad results. So don’t think I’m trying to say don’t eat sugar at all.